Good Food and Great Company


I just want to go back and do this whole weekend over again so I can have more time with my family! It was really depressing coming back to school yesterday:/

But back-tracking a bit..In case you missed it i did a re-cap of my easter Sunday but have yet to tell you about the rest of my weekend!

Friday night my cousin and I made a batch of cupcakes to have around as a sweet treat for the weekend

Rebecca did all of the decorating..don’t they look so cute! She should open up her own cupcake shop:)

Once the rest of my family got here on Saturday we ate lots of yummy food and took some great pictures!

me and my cousins:) a super close up shot lol

And I snapped lots of pictures of the doggies of course

such a mush

My aunt brought Italian food from a local Italian market near her home and prepared a beautiful salad to go alongside

She knows how much I love goat cheese! Best aunt ever!

i loaded up my plate! Including lots of salad, eggplant parm, and a stuff shell..I went back for seconds, and thirds, and probably about a serious food coma! Why does this always happen when I get together with my family?!

Nanny and the girls:)

My aunt Nini and Uncle Kevin

my cousin Ken and his girlfriend Tanya..(who also reads my blog! Hi Tanya!)

Group Shot!

It was so much fun being together with the whole family this weekend

Time just always goes by way too fast!

its Monday which means back to the craziness of spring semester

I can’t believe I only have about 5 weeks of my sophomore year left though..CRAZy

oh and its my birthday on Sunday!


Question for ya!: Do you tend to overeat at family gatherings?

I always do! I try to listen to my body and stop when i’m full but for some reason its a lot harder to do when my family prepares such amazing food!


15 Comments on “Good Food and Great Company”

  1. Tanya says:

    This weekend flew by! It was so much fun! Glad I got to see you!

  2. Could those cupcakes be any cuter?! I love it! And your family is so cute!

  3. Love these pictures… a perfect Monday post 🙂 The cupcakes are great too, so festive!

  4. I definitely tend to over-do it on holidays! Even if I try to be mindful of how much I’m eating, I can’t help myself when the desserts come out!

  5. Alexandra says:

    OH MAH GOSH! those cupcakes look to die for 😀
    I’m diggin these family pics, it looks like yall had such a fantastic time together!

  6. Cait's Plate says:

    Aw that looks like such a fun Easter! And holy cow! Those cupcakes look PHENOMENAL!!

  7. EveryCraving says:

    Those cupcakes look delish! Oh and I hope you had a great Easter! Sure looks like ya did 🙂

  8. Rebecca holmboe says:

    And I think everyone enjoyed my decorating skills in the cupcakes;)

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