Bringing back an old Favorite

Good Morning!

Wow I feel like it’s half way through the day already because I’ve been up since 6:30..

I still don’t understand how people wake up that early every morning..I’m in for a rude awakening when the “real world” hits me after college in a couple years…

but anywho lets talk breakfast

the past couple of mornings i’ve had a fitnessista breakfast cookie!

and i’ve used Trader Joes Pumpkin butter as my “icing” since i finally replenished my pumpkin butter stash..I’m obsessed with pumpkin butter gahhh

this is a really really really yummy breakfast..I suggest you make yourself a cookie for breakfast asap


The past couple of nights for dinner I’ve eaten my moms homemade meat sauce that she so kindly made me this weekend to bring back to school with me! She’s the best!

Last night I had the sauce over a microwaved sweet potato and topped with some goat cheese

this picture was taken half-way through me inhaling  peacefully eating my dinner

You would think turkey bolognese sauce and a sweet potato would be a weird combo but it was actually really delicious!

my mom makes the BEST meat day I’ll make my own batch and share the recipe with you all!

Alright I should probably go do some work now..



Question for ya!: Have you ever tried a fitnessista breakfast cookie?

if you haven’t..make it NOW..:)


3 Comments on “Bringing back an old Favorite”

  1. I’ve been waking up before 6am daily -_______- I am not a normal college student haha

  2. I really need to try to make one of her breakfast cookie’s one of these days. I always forget about the recipe.

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