A Delicious Birthday Present!


So can I just say I have the best friends/roommates EVER

wanna know why?

cause they got me THESE for my birthday!

these would be CAKE BALLS.

lets just say this made my day.

my roommate Sonny knew of a baking company these two women started who are from her town. Their company is called Sweet Jane Lynn

they have a whole assortment of flavors

I dug in right away to the Sweet n’ Salty flavor

oh em gee.

there are no words

i also had several bites of the other flavors throughout the day like red velvet, pb cup, vanilla, double chocolate

talk about a total sweets overload!

to balance out all the sugar i made myself a really delicious salad for lunch!

in the mix

  • mixed greens
  • strawberries
  • mango (YUM)
  • cucumber
  • tomatoes
  • turkey
  • honey goat cheese
  • raspberry vinagrette

holy cowza this combo was GOOD

And for dinner last night I made a really yummy pasta dish!

it tasted like summer in a bowl! Brown rice pasta with chicken, zucchini, tomatoes, fresh basil, and feta cheese

I’ll be sharing the recipe with you all tomorrow its super easy!

oh and TGIT (thank god its thursday)



Question for ya!: Have you every tried or made cake balls?

i have never made them and its my first time trying them! i really want to try and make my own I just love the idea of them..and the taste of course:)


8 Comments on “A Delicious Birthday Present!”

  1. Those look SO good. Good choice with the sweet and salty, one of the best combinations! 😀 That dish looks amazing too!

  2. I would have certainly gone with the sweet and salty combo too… nice choice 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! I would TOTALLY go for the pretzel cake ball! YUM!

  4. Oh my gosh, I would be all over that pretzel cake ball! What great roommates; those look amazing!

  5. FitNjess says:

    So cake balls are sooo amazing!! have you ever tried to make them yourself? They are actually kinda hard to do because the melted chocolate is so finicky..but I made white chocolate covered red velvet cake balls and they were life changing!! they may not have been pretty haha but they tasted great! wish i could also taste that pretzel cake ball, yummmm

  6. I’ve made cake pops & they were delicious. These sound amazing though! What a great gift 🙂

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