Total Body Workout!


Just popping in to share the work out I did at the gym this morning!

 45 Minute Heart Pumpin Total Body Workout

I created supersets that focus on 2 different muscle groups.

Equipment Needed:

  • Heavy and Light Dumbells

  • Jump Rope

Instructions: Complete Each Superset 2 times Through and Jump Rope for 1 minute before moving onto the next superset!

Here’s how it goes!

1 Minute Jump Rope!

Biceps and Triceps: (2 Times Through!)

Move Rep
Plie Squat with Bicep Curl 15 + 15 pulses at bottom
Overhead tricep extension 15 + 15 pulses
Hammer Curls w/ regular squat 15 + 15 pulses at bottom
Tricep Dips (body weight) 15 + 15 pulses

  1 Minute Jump Rope

Shoulders and Back:(2 Times Through)

Move Rep
Lateral Shoulder Raises 15 + 15 pulses at top
Standing Back Row 15
Overhead Press 15 + hold for 15 seconds at top
Superman Back Raises (laying down on mat) 15 + 15 pulses at top

 1 Minute Jump Rope

Legs: (2 Times Through!)

Move Rep
Walking Lunges(weighted or body weight) 30 total
Squat Jumps (body weight) 40 total
Plie Squat Pulses (body weight) 45 total
Kick backs 15 each side, 15 pulses each side

  1 Minute Jump Rope

Ab Burner!: (Only Once through!)

Move Rep
Crunches 20
Leg Raises 20
Frog cruches 20
Pulses 20
Bicycle Crunches 30
Full Sit ups 20

 1 Minute Jump Rope

All Done! Stretch and Cool Down!


I hope you give this a try! I’m no fitness expert but I was dripping sweat by the end of this!

Have a great weekend Everyone!





2 Comments on “Total Body Workout!”

  1. We’re like twins! I just posted about how much I love workouts like this! I Should try this one 🙂

  2. Wow that looks like an intense and awesome workout!! Anything with pulses at the end are killer…they burn so good haha. Thank you for linking up 😀

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