Weekend Re-cap


How was everyone’s weekend?

Mine was really fun because on Friday my brother and my friend Mario came to visit!

this was on Saturday before we went to the day drink

can we just talk about how it was 80 degrees and sunny yesterday and now its about 50 degrees and rainy!

Molly’s sister also came down for the weekend to visit!

group shot!

oh and this weekend was also filled with LOTS of unhealthy eating

would you like to see some of it?


nachos from Friday nights dinner..yes this is a size of nachos split among the 4 of us

some boxed mac and cheese made for dinner at about 8:30 last night

and this was my breakfast this morning, everything bagel scooped with egg whites and cheese


my body is not liking me right now

I also failed to take a picture of the buffalo fingers and fro yo that I ate yesterday…

but you know what? today starts a new week which means there is no need to feel guilty about it

I had a great time visiting with my brother, my friend, and Molly’s sister which is all that matters!

I guess I should probably go study for my exam tomorrow that I have yet to start studying for -___-

catch ya later!


Question for ya!: What’s one fun thing you did this weekend?


10 Comments on “Weekend Re-cap”

  1. therunwithin says:

    I love these kind of weekends where you just let go and enjoy good company. Worth every bite.

  2. Sometimes a weekend of unhealthy food and tons of adult beverages are needed 😉 Good luck with your studying! I’m in the saaame boat.

  3. EveryCraving says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekened! I could definitely down those nachos right about now, they look so good hah. Love how you don’t worry so much about eating “unclean.” You’re one of my favorite blogs because you’re actually healthy and not all “eat clean 24/7”. I just want to tell those people to live a little, sheesh. #endrant haha.

  4. Your food pics look soo yummy!

  5. It looks like you had such a great time and enjoyed wonderful food… overall fantastic and a win 🙂 I love that you have such a wonderful balance in life going on, very admirable!

  6. FitNjess says:

    For me, I always expect weekends to be filled with not the “healthiest” eats, since I am more likely to go out to eat or be doing something social. It is so important to not beat yourself up either for enjoying whatever food you want of a special occasion etc since you know you don’t eat like that everyday. It all balances out in the end, because like you mentioned needing a salad, I find myself craving healthier food after fun weekends or events! But Monday is a great day to get back on track! Thanks for your positive outlook, and good luck with your studying!

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