Ten Things Thursday

1. just look at this dog.

COULD YOU DIE. I was sitting in class yesterday and my mom was sending me pictures of the puppy she was taking care of for a little while. I started freaking out, using my dog voice, and my friends told me I was weird. but actually Mom i hope you kept the puppy hostage

2. Speaking of puppies on Sunday there is an event on my campus called “UD Puppy Rescue Day” I’m attending and adopting a puppy.

3. My best friend Molly just called me to tell me she showed her friends at school my blog and they were all sitting reading it. I was in a bad mood and it made me smile. Oh and I wasn’t going to post today but cause of that I’m writing this random mumbo jumbo

4. I ate this for lunch yesterday

A leftover turkey burger, baked sweet potato, and 1 zucchini sauteed with some grape tomatoes. This was SUCH a filling lunch..I’ve decided I like eating a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner..just like the Europeans do!

5. I had another big lunch today after my lunch-lab

I had some turkey, roasted veggies, salad, potatoes, broccoli, and I didn’t eat the fish cause it tasted fishy.bleh. But everything else was delicious!

6.  This is whats happening today Gym<NAP

7. I went out to another mixer last night and dressed up as a biker chick..once this week is over (aka most exhausting/fun week of my life) I will share a whole bunch of pictures

8. Since Airband (the dance competition I told you about)  has been taking over my life with 7am practices every morning, now whenever I don’t have a 7am practice I wake up at 7am anyways. joy.

9. ps AIRBAND IS TOMORROW NIGHT..GAHHH! Each chapter of Greek Life has a different theme and ours is Pirates of the Carribean ..I’m a pirate so my hair is going to be crazy, along with my make up and costume..I’m gunna look super creepy and I cannot wait

10. I must make this


I could pin food on pinterest all day long. all. day. long.

that is all for now folks



Question for ya: Do you prefer a big lunch or a big dinner?



14 Comments on “Ten Things Thursday”

  1. I just died at that dog. My school does the adopt a dog too but I haven’t adopted one yet!! Good luck with the airband 😀

  2. That looks like a king charles! So adorable. Your food looks delicious! Good luck!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Those lunches! Goodness you need to come cook for me 🙂 And that puppy GAAAHHHH!!!! SO CUTE!

  4. molly says:

    about time i got a mention! catherine is doing one of your recipes tonight and will probs need your help so im giving her your number.

  5. Good luck tomorrow! Your lunches look absolutely deviine

  6. Good luck at Airband… memories! 🙂

  7. I like having a big dinner. Even if I eat a big lunch, I end up eating a big dinner anyway haha. Good luck with your dance competition!

  8. oh my goodness that dog! Your lunches are just so stunning and tasty looking! Good luck tomorrow girl 🙂

  9. Mom!! says:

    Don’t even think of adopting a puppy! You can take Duke instead! Good luck tonight Love You Mom

  10. Normally I like big lunches, but I just feel too heavy at work for the rest of the afternoon, so larger dinners!

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