Notes from the Weekend

hi friends!

I go home for summer 2 weeks from WHAT. where does the time go?

wanna hear about my weekend? okay.

friday I went and go fro yo by myself..

well okay in fairness to me not sounding like a total loser..I had to walk to the post office and fro yo was on the way home..AND I still have a gift card from my try passing up free fro yo on a nice day!

I went to a class at the gym called “Butts and Guts”..let me tell was like doing hot yoga cause the room was so effing hot. I never knew I could sweat so much

then I met my friend Kerri at Chipotle for dinner

i got a chicken burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, veggies, hot salsa, mild salsa, and GUAC. obviously.

but like why does it have to be an extra $1.80 for guac? I know its worth it but really? can’t it be a dollar?

Saturday I went to the mall and got a dress for my sorority formal this Friday!

I also went to target..I literally can never go to target and not spend 100 dollars..does anyone else have this problem?

when I came back from target i made myself a delicious salad for lunch

spinach, snap peas, tomatoes, strawberries, honey goat cheese, turkey, and poppyseed dressing

i picked this up at target cause its my favorite at panera!

mmm so good

I also got some yummy mango peach salsa

as well as my favorite almond butter that i haven’t had in YEARS

well not years..I’m a bit dramatic..but I can’t find Justin’s anywhere but Target here in Delaware! so I was so happy when I spotted this!

so i incorporated some in my afternoon snack

plain greek yogurt, pumpkin butter, and almond butter. SO. GOOD…that was my last of my trader joes pumpkin butter stash..WAHH

I went to the gym on Saturday afternoon and for the first time there was legit no one there..I normally hate working out at our school gym because its always so packed you can barely it was nice to have space to move around!

i also made myself a delicious dinner with Trader Joes yellow curry simmer sauce..if you have not tried MUST

I sauteed up some bok choy, green pepper, snap peas, and frozen peas, then added in the trader joes yellow curry simmer sauce and some chicken stock. Simmered for about 15 minutes and served with brown rice, salmon (I buy the frozen gorton fillets and just bake them), and some siracha

DEEE lish

I didn’t celebrate in any cinco de mayo drinking festivities..WHO AM I?

I’ve had the apartment to myself all weekend because both my roommates went away to fraternity formals..its lonely living by yourself!

this morning i made myself a batch of bananas foster oats

with a few chocolate chips sprinkled on top because why not?

my first batch of hot oats in a LONG time..and they hit the spot!

the rest of my day with be occupied with studying, working out, and 7 hours of various sorority commitments

so much for a relaxing Sunday!

well I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Question for ya!: Is it hard for you to go into target and stick to the list of items you need to buy?

its impossible for me I get so tempted!


13 Comments on “Notes from the Weekend”

  1. I will definitely have to try that curry sauce from TJ’s! Thanks!

  2. Francesca H says:

    :-O i cannot believe target has that salad dressing!!!! i neeed to go asap and get it

  3. Wait a minute… Chipotle charges for guac?! I had no idea! I always just automatically include it in my list of toppings! Not that $1.80 is going to make or break me, but seriously?!

  4. EveryCraving says:

    That salad sounds delicious! Poppyseed dressing used to be my go-to but I haven’t had it in years. Definitely need to try it again! I have that problem with target EVERY TIME, too. The loot looks good though! Justin’s<3

  5. That is some of the greatest almond butter ever! When I finally overcame my fat fears, that type of nut butter was the one I stuck with for a long time… so so good! I love the poppyseed dressing too! Yay for it being back at Panera, their summer salads are great

  6. I noticed target is selling Panera’s dressing now!!! How cool is that?!

    Also, I just ate fro-yo, but your bowl up there is making me crave another… *sigh* 😉

  7. Alicia says:

    OMG!! Poppyseed dressing from Panera is my favorite!! I had no idea they sold in stores! 😀

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