Memorial Day Fun

Good Morning!

how was everyone’s memorial day weekend?

mine pretty much didn’t exist because I was working so much:/..but I finally got a day off yesterday so I took full advantage of soaking in some sun by the pool!

I started out my day by doing this workout which was killer but in a good way!

I went through the circuit twice, doing a 5 minute warm up on the exercise bike before I started..and BOY am I sore today! I’m thinking a straight cardio workout is in order for today

I made myself a delicious wrap for lunch

in the wrap went turkey, hummus, tomato, red onion, cucumber, arugula, and some balsamic vinegar..YUM

then I whipped up some white wine sangria to enjoy poolside:)

mmm so good

another highlight from yesterday was that me and my friend decided to throw Duke in the pool

this was taken after we threw him in so as you can see he survived and was able to retrieve his ball that was in the pool

you would think being a golden retriever he would love swimming in the pool but nope..he usually just sits on the first step of our pool to cool off..weirdo

for dinner we had chicken and pineapple kabobs with grilled veggies and rice pilaf

my mom got the recipe for the kabobs out of the boston globe..they were so delicious! I also bought some baby zucchini from trader joes the other week so we grilled those up with some cute are the baby zucchini?!

ps sorry for all the iphone pictures clearly my laziness has been at an all-time high

me and my friends were going to go out in Boston to watch the Celtics game but then just decided to stay in instead

and go out to JP licks for some ice cream:) I got a small oatmeal cookie frozen yogurt (best flavor EVER) with non-fat hot fudge

I forgot to snap a picture cause i didn’t have my phone with me..but I will show you the frozen yogurt I had a couple of days ago

on my way to work Saturday I stopped and got Pinkberry. I got chocolate peanut butter swirl with m&m’s, strawberries, and chocolate covered pretzels (gah So good!!..I think every frozen yogurt place should offer chocolate covered pretzels as a topping)

but this frozen yogurt cost me a little over $5! say whatttt..I don’t think I can make a habit of these frozen yogurt trips..

I hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya!: Did you do anything fun for the holiday weekend?


4 Comments on “Memorial Day Fun”

  1. Looks like a fantastic day for you!! I ran a 5 Mile race on Sunday, and Sunday afternoon and all day Monday I worked on the house with my husband.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I need to try this workout šŸ˜€

  3. They have chocolate covered pretzels at Pinkberry!?!?? Wahhh?? I need to go!

  4. Dohh last comment went to spam šŸ˜¦

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