A Belated Mother’s Day Brunch

Good Morning!

this morning I made sure to wake up at a decent hour (rather than 11 yesterday morning) so I would have time to make my Mom brunch! I was at school for mother’s day so I promised my mom when I was home for summer I would make her brunch

I started out by whipping up a batch of banana blueberry muffins. I used this recipe from Martha Stewart

mm I love the taste of muffin batter..or really any batter for that matter

they turned out really well!

fruit salad to go alongside with fresh pineapple, strawberries, and raspberries

Buying a whole pineapple is SO much better than buying the prepared stuff

And a Asparagus, Tomato, Scallion, and Cheddar fritatta

a fritatta with cheese is usually the only way I like to eat veggies in the morning!

here was my plate

mmm yum yum. now I’m full and back in bed..:)

I’ll probably get up in a little bit to either go for a run or do some other type of work out

and then working again tonight..at least tomorrow I get the day off!

i hope everyone had a great weekend!



3 Comments on “A Belated Mother’s Day Brunch”

  1. Everything looks so good! I definitely agree that batter is amazing 😉

  2. YUM! Those muffins sound so good!

  3. The batter is always the best part… and blueberry muffins are my personal favorite! We go wayy back haha
    Sounds like a fun time!

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