A visit to Nanny’s House!


So this morning my mom and I left to go to Newport, Rhode Island for the day to visit my Nanny!

We usually always go to the same few restaurants when we are in Newport so I decided to do some research yesterday and found a new place to go for lunch called Diegos

it was a cute little Mexican restaurant that is right on the water..too bad it is FREEZING here today..cold and rainy..what is with that?! definitely not a beach day that’s for sure!

we started out by ordering “made to order guacamole”

I had this plate + 5 more just like this..put homemade guac AND homemade chips in front of me..there’s no hope i’m telling ya

for my entree I got the Mahi Mahi Tacos

the tacos were filled with pan seared mahi mahi with black beans, papaya salsa, grilled onions, and avocado crema. The tacos also came with a side of rice and a spicy chile cilantro sauce. I just ate the inside of the tacos..they were SO good! the spicy sauce that came along side was awesome..you know i love my spicy foods!

after lunch we stopped by Sweet Berry Farm to get some freshly picked strawberries!

i ate through about half the pint already..there is seriously nothing better than freshly picked strawberries!

sweet berry farm also has the BEST soft serve ever  but I was really full from lunch and it was so  cold out that i opted out of the ice cream

I did help myself to a chocolate chip cookie I made yesterday to bring for my Papa

they turned out really good..I’ll be sharing the recipe some time this week!

a few other random happenings from yesterday..

I took Duke to Wellesley College for a nice 3 mile run around the lake there..we ran into a few issues though..

when we first got there I tried letting him off the leash (hes normally really good about staying with me when I run) but for some reason he would run and then just stop and look at me…so I had to put him back on the leash

THEN I took him off the leash for a second so he could swim in the lake..but then he proceeded to steal a tennis ball from a nice family and there 2 dogs

so I had to pry the ball out of his mouth while the poor family was just staring at me..I apologized to them, put the dumbo back on a leash, and kept running

and then after the run he just wouldn’t leave me alone!

my dogs are the neediest dogs on the planet

I also ate copious amounts of cookie dough

like enough to maybe give me salmonella..

this is why I don’t bake cookies very often..

I also went to work yesterday expecting to work from 6pm until close..I got there at 6..waited on one table..and they told me i could leave.

even though it was kind of annoying I didn’t mind at ALL cause I really didn’t feel like working

i watched 7 episodes of the show Girls yesterday

its an HBO series and its hilarious. I highly suggest watching it

i attempted to hang out with my brother and his friends and watch the celtics game but I only made it through one half and felt typsy off of one glass of wine

UM what? I think I need to go back to school asap..where has my tolerance gone?! my mom told me it was good for me because my liver is drying out..I think its bad because I’ve done nothing fun since I’ve been home for summer

now i’m going to go watch Ellen while I go on the exercise bike since its rainy and gross and going for a run isan’t an option:(

I hope everyone had a great day!


Question for ya!: Have you heard of or seen the show Girls?


5 Comments on “A visit to Nanny’s House!”

  1. Alexandra says:

    Those mahi mahi tacos look amazing! And duke is just plain adorable 🙂

  2. Oh my. I could seriously eat guacamole all day everydayyyy!

  3. Those tacos look amazing!

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