Life on Instagram

Good Morning

it is definitely no secret that I’m obsessed with Instagram..part of it is obsession, part of it is laziness because most of the time its a lot more convenient to snap a picture with my phone than with my camera

ya know what i mean?

so here was my day yesterday/this morning in instagram

took a random picture of Duke cause he just looked so darn cute..yes i know I have issues

went to whole foods yesterday to pick up a few things and as I was walking out I realized I forgot about 5 things on my list. ugh. i didn’t walk back in though because i had already spent a decent amount of that is my favorite flavor of kombucha

and since i was at whole foods it was obviously necessary for me to pick up salad bar for lunch..I always get so excited with their salad bar and get WAY more than i can ever eat

I FINALLY got a pedicure..thank goodness it was so overdue!

afternoon first time trying the Uber larabars..OMG. stop what your doing and go get some right now. It just blows my mind how a bar with 4 ingredients can taste JUST like a drool worthy dessert..blows. my. mind.

my mom and i went out to dinner with my friend Sara and her mom to a restaurant called Sweet Basil

they start out by bringing you a bread basket with homemade pesto to dip the bread into

the pesto is so good. except everything at this restaurant is LOADED with garlic..not the best for romance as my mom put it lol

i got the homemade 4 cheese ravioli (obvs one of the cheeses was goat cheese that’s kind of why I ordered it) was just okay. i didn’t even make a dent in it..look how big that portion size is!

i just took my two wacko dogs to meet up with my friend Sara at Wellesley college to go for a run

we were having some difficulty with the two leashes..

then we went and got ice coffee

hazelnut ice coffee. da

and now I’m going to go lay out by my pool even though its not that warm out and read more 50 shades because I can’t stop

i finished the first one yesterday and read 80 pages of the second one last night..i can tell the second and third books are going to be better than the first!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya! Have you read the 50 shades of Grey Series? Thoughts?


9 Comments on “Life on Instagram”

  1. So much to love in this post!! First, your dog is adorable! I love golden retrievers, and grew up with them. Now I have a yellow lab, who I love just as dearly. 🙂

    Guava Goddess IS the best kombucha flavor, hands down! An expensive habit, but totally worth it. Whole Foods’ salad bar is amazing, and like you, I always buy way too much (and spend too much!). And I’m completely in love with the Uber Bananas Foster flavor! SO so good!

    I haven’t read the 50 Shades series, but hear it’s quite juicy! Hope you’re having a great Thursday! xo

  2. I am obsessed with instagram too. So many great things in this post! Your dogs are adorable. I can’t wait to start 50 shades!

  3. Ohhh I don’t think I’ve had that kombucha flavor before! YUM!

  4. I seriously want your dogs. SO CUTE!

  5. kadeecramer says:

    What is your instagram name?

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