Saturday Things

i took my dogs to the park yesterday morning and this is what happens. lucy (do you see her?) swims and duke just stands there waiting for me to throw him a stick..a cavalier that loves to swim and a golden retriever who doesn’t..something is wrong with this picture

i just started the final book of the fifty shades series..i’m not sure how they are going to make the story intriguing with 400 some pages in the last book but we’ll see how it goes..i think so far i liked the second book the best

i made myself a delicious wrap using random leftovers we have in our fridge right now..chicken, pesto, hummus, arugula, roasted veggies..mmm it twas yummy

i went to Target yesterday and somehow this fell into my cart..

i also finally bought a new pair of sneakers at target..i’ll probably need to buy a nicer pair for running purposes but i think these will work for indoor work outs

totally random but all day yesterday i was convinced it was Sunday not Saturday

which brings me to this morning

i made myself a simple breakfast of 3 egg whites and American cheese with a side of toast and white chocolate wonderful pb

and today is also a special day because its Fathers day!

Happy fathers day Dad! I love you!

I have a special fathers day gift in mind that involves some baking..:)

i hope everyone has a great day!




8 Comments on “Saturday Things”

  1. Sounds like you had a packed day! I am on the first book for the 50 Shades series. Now that I am out for the summer, I feel like I will wrap up the series rather quickly!!!

    Your wrap looks delicious, btw! 🙂

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I need to jump on the 50 shades of grey bandwagon! i haven’t read any of the books yet!

  3. Presley says:

    You and your dad are so freaking cute! (That white chocolate wonderful ain’t lookin’ so bad, either! I haven’t bought it in a while…)

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