Weekend in Delaware


long time no talk! how was everyone’s weekend?

I made the trip down to Delaware Thursday night to spend the weekend there

i moved in all my furniture to my apartment (well correction the movers moved the furniture in..on a 95 degree day..poor guys)

I LOVE my new place and I seriously cannot wait for the school year to start..can it be August 20th already?! i seriously didn’t want to leave wahhh

here are some pictures from the weekend

not one

but two fro yo trips ..what can I say I had to 🙂

breakfast at Sinclairs ..an egg white omelet with tomatoes, spinach, ham, and pepper jack cheese. SO good. oh and free refills on ice coffee..my kinda place.

Mango Mojito delishhh

chicken fajitas i shared with Molly

me and my friend Amanda taking a selfie of course

and this was my lunch just now at home..a delicious salad with pecans, dried cranberries, goat cheese, strawberries and turkey. nom nom nom

now i’m in bed and plan on staying here for a while 🙂

i’m just a litttttle tired

we’re having a really nice dinner party tonight at my house so I’ll be sure to do a recap of that tomorrow

i hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya!: Did you do anything fun this weekend?


4 Comments on “Weekend in Delaware”

  1. Waaaaait. a MANGO mojito? Why has this not been in my liiiiife! That sounds fantastic! I love mojitos. And I love mango. Let’s make that happen. haha

  2. EveryCraving says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! I’m definitely over due for a froyo trip!

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