Weekend with my Best Friends

Good Morning!

How was everyone’s weekned?

i’ve been having such a good time since my friends got here on Friday! and thank goodness the weather has been nice because we have been able to have LOTS of pool time..which means I’ve finally been able to build up my tan..yeaaa buddy

friday my friends got here around 1:00pm and we ate lunch outside

my mom made a big batch of chicken salad for us to eat so we just had a regular mixed greens salad i made along with the chicken salad and fruit salad

and of course I made some sangria to have alongside..its always 5 o clock somewhere as they say 🙂

we spent the rest of the day just hanging out by the pool and then went to Blue Ginger for dinner!

this was one of the new appetizers we got..goat cheese and mushroom rangoon with a pea tendril salad with pesto and a honey glaze

it was AMAZING.

molly and the sweet potato fries lol..those fries are seriously amazing..lots of seasoning on them!

we also got the black pepper shrimp with sticky rice

and the mushroom leek spring rolls

my friends LOVED Blue Ginger..as I knew they would 🙂

the picture taken outside of Blue Ginger..they only group pic we’ve gotten all weekend..that needs to change today!

Saturday we spent the day also hanging out by the pool but took a trip to the farmer’s market (first time i’ve been all summer!) and the cheese shop

my parents had a party Saturday night so there was lots of yummy food to go around!

including a HUGE bowl of guac

my mom makes some pretty mean guac if i don’t say so myself

we had barbecue catered from Red Bones for dinner

I loaded my plate with lots of goodies (pulled pork, sausage, mac and cheese, and veggies) I seriously love barbecue and wish i had it more often..i also went back after this to get a few baby back ribs

Saturday night we had a lot of fun hanging out and went night swimming which I haven’t done in so long!

Sunday morning we woke up and headed into downtown Boston for brunch at Stephanie on Newbury!

we got there at 10am when it opened and there was already a line out the door! but we got a nice table outside!

i got the crab cake benedict

it was so delicious.the hollandaise was a jalapeno hollandaise sauce so it was a little spicy..just how i like it!

we came back home shortly after and spent the rest of the day by the pool and watching olympic trial gymnastics (i’m actually obsessed)

for dinner we had leftovers from Saturday night and burgers on the grill

I also made a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad to go with the burgers and leftovers..deeelish

we’ve also taken numerous photos of my dogs this weekend but here are a couple of the best shots

luc in the chair..she thinks shes a person not a dog

some tug of war battles going on..he just doesn’t wanna let go of his ball!

and after numerous rounds of fetch he was pooped. but how freaking cute is he?! bahh i love him


my friends aren’t leaving until tomorrow ( i never want them to leave!!) so today we are making the trip down to Newport, RI for some beach time and to visit my Nanny!

can’t wait!

I hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya! : Did you watch the gymnastics olympic trials?!

I am beyond obsessed. I could not believe Nastia Liukin falling on the bars last night! but i think they chose a good top 5 and i can’t wait for the olympics!


12 Comments on “Weekend with my Best Friends”

  1. My heart broke for Nastia when she fell again last night. I knew that she had no chance the make the team after that, and she knew it too. It was so nice that they gave her a standing ovation too. Talk about tear jerker!

  2. That bowl of guac looks like heaven! Glad you had a great weekend. Your dogs are adorable 🙂 I LOVE the gymnastics portion of the olympics. Best part!

  3. I swear food tastes better when it’s eaten outside!!! haha

    I missed the trials! But gymnastics is my favorite so I can’t wait to watch it!

  4. I would totally just face plant in that bowl of guac! I love dipping carrots in guac. So good!

    I’ve been watching the olympic trials and gymnastics is definitely my favorite to watch. When Nastia Liukin fell off the bars, my heart just dropped.

  5. omg that is the biggest bowl of guac i have ever seen! i kinda wanna take a swim!

  6. jessie says:

    So… all of that food looks AMAZING! I’m actually jealous :-X

    To answer your question; Sadly, No. Since moving to Kuwait a couple months ago, I’m not able to get all of the U.S. channels.. it’s rather depressing actually!!!

    **Also, I decided to finally start my own blog today.. check it out please 🙂

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