Day in Newport!


how was everyone’s day?

I started my day out with a strength work out and then worked from 11-5:30

yesterday was the last day my friends were here so we took a trip down to Newport, RI for the day to go out to lunch and to the beach!

we went out to lunch at Johnny’s because its right on the water!

we got there pretty early so the we almost had the whole patio to ourselves!

for my lunch i decided on the fried fish sandwich with french fries..obviously not the healthiest option but it was worth the indulgence!

the fish was so fresh! so delicious!

after lunch we got to lay out on the beach for a little over an hour

group shot!

me and linds

me and mollz!

some weird clouds started rolling in about an hour after we got to the beach so my mom picked us up and we went on Ocean Drive which is road in Newport that is filled with a ton of ocean front mansions with lots of history to them! a lot of them are actually open to the public as museums but a lot of them are still privately owned

then we made a stop at Sweet Berry Farm for my favorite thing EVER

twist cone..GAH every time I go to Newport in the summertime it is a must to stop at sweet berry farm and get a soft serve is the best soft serve I have ever had..i’m not sure what makes it so good but i could eat about 5 cones

don’t worry I kept it at one 🙂

we also took a little ride on the golf cart!

my grandparents live on a vineyard so they’ve always had a golf cart that me and my brother LOVED driving around when we were little..we use to play taxi driver all the time lol

we drove back around 5 and then met up with our friend Becca from school at Legal Sea Food for dinner!

a warm roll to start..legals has the BEST rolls..its a good thing they give one per person!

then Molly and I shared the blackened tuna tar-tar and the Veggie Box with shrimp

the tuna came with seaweed salad which I am obsessed with

this dish was really delicious! a mix of curry and soy sauce flavors going on..yum!


i’m not sure what i’m going to do for dinner tonight..probably just make myself a salad or something

i hope everyone has a great night!


Question for ya!: Any fun plans for the 4th?

I don’t cause of course I’m working 😦 but I’ll hopefully be home around 11:30 at night so I can still have a celebratory drink or two 🙂

One Comment on “Day in Newport!”

  1. Looks like lots of fun. And lots of yummy food!

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