At Home Cross Fit and Kale Fail

good morning!

quick post before I have to head to work this morning..oh and ps i didn’t get home from work last night, well actually this morning technically, until 1:20am and now i’m up because I have to be at work by 9:30am

and my feet are still aching from last night. bah. yes i like to complain sorry.

but anyways yesterday I had to force myself to work out since I was feeling so lazy but I tried a really awesome work out I found on pinterest


this took me about 25 minutes to get through the whole might not of taken me as long if I didn’t have Duke getting in my way for the first whole round of it..

yesterday I also pinned a TON of recipes on pinterest mainly from Eat, Live, Run blog because I drool over all her recipes and kind of sort of wanna be her in a totally non-creepy way

I attempted making her kale salad with almonds, oranges, and avocado


doesn’t it look so yummy in her picture?!

well i forgot to snap a picture of mine but I made it, took a few bites, loved the oranges, avocado, and the dressing, but just could not get passed the raw kale

i think part of it might be because i used Trader Joes cooking kale instead of a different kind like dinosawr kale?

i’m not sure but I’d be willing to try it again with a different type of kale

for now i’ll stick to my kale shakes which I plan on having for breakfast this morning!

time to get ready for work!

i hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya!: Any tips on what kind of kale I should buy for salads?




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