A New Discovery

good morning!

i started my morning off with a hour long boxing/weight conditioning work out which felt really good! boxing is a great way to get any built up anger out so it felt really good

and i’m currently refueling with a green monster smoothie

but lets back track to yesterday

i made a total of -$2 yesterday..yes NEGATIVE money..let me explain

yesterday i went in to work the morning shift at the restaurant and it was just DEAD. I was there from 9:30am until 1:30pm and had 1 table, and made $4

THEN i decided for lunch I was going to try out a new frozen yogurt place I noticed a few weeks ago right by my work

a self serve fro yo place RIGHT by work?! not good people. this baby cost me $6..i blame it on all the fresh fruit..but i filled that cup up to the top with a mixture of goodies i don’t even remember everything but it was really really good

now i need to forget that the fro yo place exists so i don’t spend my summer earnings on fro yo

i came home yesterday afternoon and hung out for a bit, and then went to see Katy Perry’s Part of Me movie by myself..if that doesn’t scream loser status i don’t know what does. but in fairness to me I knew none of my friends would wanna go see it and I really wanted to see it so i went and I loved it

and my mom made the YUMMIEST dinner last night

she made a homemade mango, pineapple and avocado salsa

to have alongside grilled blackened tuna steaks

she used a delicious blackened seasoning and then grilled the tuna steaks on the grill

my plate

i sauteed some zucchini and peppers in a cast iron skillet with some olive oil and the blackened seasoning used on the tuna. I also had a little bit of bulgur wheat pilaf but I didn’t really eat it cause I wasn’t a fan

I also had LOTS of fresh fruit after dinner

i inhale fruit in the summertime..its just all so good!

my Nanny is coming today to spend a few days with us and I am off work today so we are having grilled pizza night! my favorite

i hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya!: What is your favorite seasonal summer fruit?

i love fresh picked berries and peaches!! they are the best!



9 Comments on “A New Discovery”

  1. Aw that sucks about the restaurant being dead! At least you ended it with fro yo 😉

    That salsa sounds AMAZING!

  2. A fro yo shop near your work?? I would seriously be there everyday. Worth it 🙂

  3. You just made me laugh out loud about the katy perry movie. I seriously would go see it by myself, it’s all good. I haven’t had froyo in forever. Now I’m seriously craving some!

  4. Nectarines.

    I have gone to the movies alone before and it’s not that bad! I felt a bit like a loser too but if you want to see something bad enough, why not?!

  5. jessie says:

    Love that you spent your veryyy hard-working cash on frozen yogurt!!! 🙂 (sorry that the restaurant was so dead though girl :() I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it!

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