New Cookbook Obsession

good morning!

do you all read the blog Joy the Baker? well if you don’t you really should. She’s hilarious and bakes delicious looking treats and takes awesome photos…what more could you want from a blog?

but anywho the other day when I was at the book store I saw her cookbook staring back at me and I just had to get it..because a girl can never have enough shoes cookbooks

whenever i first get a new cookbook I read through it at least 2 times and then decide I want to make every single recipe right that second

yes i’m weird i’m aware

so while I wanted to invite over a million people so they could eat all the baked goods I wanted to make, I knew that was not realistic

so instead I took the more rational approach and realized my family is coming tomorrow so A. they are going to need a dessert after dinner Friday and B. They are going to need something to eat for Breakfast Saturday morning!

so yesterday I baked S’mores brownies

and obviouslyyyy i had to try a bite of one..they are slightly cakey but yet still melt in your mouth. SO freaking good. and um what in the world is better than brownie batter? the answer is nothing.

and this morning since my body doesn’t allow me to sleep in i was up at 7:45 and had a coffee cake in the oven by 8:30

extra crumb coffee cake to be exact. its currently baking and I can’t WAIT to have a piece for breakfast..why do cakes take so long to bake?!

and because I’m totally random I’m going to show you what I had for lunch  and dinner yesterday because they were both SO delicious

egg salad sandwich made on wheat bread with tomato, arugula, alfalfa sprouts, and provolone cheese made by my mommy


and dinner was baked pasta also made by my mom. she’s the best. she told me she made a homemade cheese sauce and combined that with arrabiata sauce and baked it all in the oven

I tried to keep my portions on the smaller side but I couldn’t help sneak a few more bites after I finished my bowl


this will probably be my last post until after the weekend’s over because I’m going to NYC for the weekend!!

I’m driving to Molly’s house in New Jersey tomorrow morning, and then we are going to take the train in!

i am beyond excited to get away for a weekend!!

so I hope everyone has a great weekend!



7 Comments on “New Cookbook Obsession”

  1. jessie says:

    I’ve seen that book around a few blogs, and everyone says it has such good recipes. Maybe it’s time I give in, and actually order a copy.. hmm!!

    hahaha, love all your baking that you did this morning. Cracks me up! Everything looks delicious!!

  2. Molly says:

    do you think maybe you could bring some of those brownies to me please??

  3. rachelemilyb says:

    Hey lady! I sit in my office at work and practically drool over Joy’s recipes…I’ve been meaning to get my hands on her cookbook for quite some time, and it seems like a totally worthwhile purchase. Were there a lot of recipes that weren’t featured on her website?
    Pi love, miss you!

    • hi! i’m not really sure how many of the recipes are or aren’t on her website that’s a good question..i would say there are probably a good amount on the website but I still like having a hard copy book to refer to I think its easier in a way..both of the recipes I made are SO good!
      miss you too hope your having a good summer!

  4. what great creations! i have been wanting to buy joy’s cookbook (i love her blog!) and this post makes me want it even more! yum!

  5. I totally want that cookbook!!! I’ve heard such good things!

    I hope you had a great weekend with your friends 🙂

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