NYC Recap Part 1


so I just got back a little while ago from my weekend in NYC! It was SO much fun

Friday morning I drove to Molly’s house in New Jersey and then we hung out for a bit and took a 6:30 train into the city

We went straight to dinner at a place right in Times Square called Havana Central

Havana Central is a cuban restaurant so bring on the mojitos!

we started out with a pitcher of mango mojitos to share..a little on the sweeter side but still so delicious

we also got some plantain chips and dip to start

the two dips were guac and some garlic oil type dip..both equally delicious!

for an entree Molly and I split the seafood special which was a salmon and shrimp dish over grilled vegetables

I asked to have some mango salsa on top which definitely made the dish

after dinner Molly and I walked back to her sister’s apartment but first stopped to take a picture in Times Square

we ended up meeting up with some of Molly’s home friends and going out with them at night..NYC is definitely the city that never sleeps..I was proud of myself for how late I was able to stay out both nights I was there!

(insert 2:30am slice of pizza..)

Saturday morning we walked to the theater district to walk around and decide on a place for brunch

we happened to walk by a baked by melissa cupcake shop so we had to stop and get a mini cupcake

since it was still early we both got a chocolate chip pancake cupcake..tasted jUST like a pancake..which I’m assuming is the point lol but it was really good! i love how all of the cupcakes are under 50 calories..I mean they should be under 50 calories considering its one mini bite of a cupcake but I love the idea of being able to taste different flavors!

for Brunch we ended up at Blue Fin

even though the last thing I needed was more alcohol..a complimentary drink came with the brunch so I decided I couldn’t pass it up

a Peach delicious! except it didn’t help my headache so it probably wasn’t the best idea but oh well lol

for my meal I got the ham and cheese omelet with egg whites

i love to judge breakfast places on how good their homefries are..i couldn’t begin to eat all of them but they were really delicious!

after Brunch we walked around for a bit more..stopped into another Baked by Melissa shop and got a peanut butter cup cupcake this time (cause they’re mini so its acceptable to have more than one DUH)

then we went to see the show Memphis!

I haven’t seen a show in SO long and it was really good! i definitely recommend going to see this show if its playing in your area!


I have a lot more to recap but that will be in part 2 tomorrow

i hope everyone had a great weekend!



6 Comments on “NYC Recap Part 1”

  1. jessie says:

    a 2:30A.M. pizza slice is absolutely acceptable whenever your in NYC.. oh and so are those two mini cupcakes. I mean I’m sure you burned those things off quick from all the walking ya did anyways 🙂 Glad you had such a great time. Can’t wait for the second recap!

  2. justjac says:

    gah i love nyc,, so jeal!!! i haven’t been to baked by melissa but i HAVE been to blue fin! yum! glad you are having fun and looking forward to part two!! 🙂

  3. Molly says:


  4. I love NYC!!! Free drink? There is no way you could have passed that up.

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