WIAW-Cake cake cake

good morning!

happy WIAW!

Work Out

yesterday morning I woke up before work to squeeze in a work out before work (wow I said  “work” a bagillion times in that sentence)

i looked to Carrots and Cake for some workout inspiration


I only changed it up a little bit by making the 4 minute intervals tabata intervals instead of doing the moves straight through..so for example I did 20 seconds of jumping jacks, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds burpees, 10 seconds rest, and repeated that 4 times for a total of 4 minutes


before work I made myself a protein shake but of course i forgot it was tuesday  (whoopsies)

but I made a delicious Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie 

  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup ice
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter

gulppped on my way to work..i can never drink smoothies slowly no matter how hard I try



my manager offered me a free lunch if I put up the umbrellas outside..score!

so around 3pm after my shift I had a delicious lunch

sorry for the terrible picture but I just got a house salad and added sliced avocado, goat cheese, and salmon with a citrus vinagrette

SO good



half a banana and a peach with some almond butter and a few cherries


i wasn’t too hungry for dinner because I ate my snack around 5 but my mom made a delicious meals so I just had smaller portions


some salad


and a homemade chicken ragu sauce with papardelle pasta..SO good! my mom is an amazing cook 🙂


today is my best friend Molly’s 21st birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY!

so last night I made her a cake!


a homemade peanut butter cake with chocolate buttercream


between 6 people we essentially finished the entire cake..

i used the peanut butter cake recipe from Joy the Baker cookbook  and used a simple chocolate buttercream frosting recipe

but i’m telling you, you HAVE to go buy this cookbook and make her peanut butter birthday cake asap

one of the best cakes i’ve ever made hands down!


time to go find something for breakfast and then go to my work out!


Questions for ya!:

  1. What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently?

  2. What’s the best cake you’ve ever made?



13 Comments on “WIAW-Cake cake cake”

  1. That cake looks incredible!

  2. The cake does indeed look great girl, homemade is the best 🙂 My best cake I have made was a carrot cake for a friend of my mom, it was her birthday at work and they celebrated there

  3. You know why you can’t drink smoothies slowly? Because they’re freaking DELICIOUS!!! haha I always gulp mine down super fast. Yours sounds amazingly tasty!

  4. That cake looks awesome!

    I can’t say I’ve ever made a really good cake but I made an amazing strawberry rhubarb pie from scratch last summer. So good!

  5. can you please, please, please send me a slice of that cake?

  6. That cake sounds amazing!!! Chocolate and PB is my favorite combination!

  7. jessie says:

    Before I got to the dessert, I was going to say that your dinner looked delicious. But WOW, that cake looks amazing!!!! I love chocolate and pb together 🙂 The best thing I’ve eaten so far this week is a tie between last nights dinner & tuesday. Tuesday was broccoli/cheese stuffed tilapia, and last night was omelets stuffed with salmon,cheese & peppers.

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