Sushi, Thai Food, and Vacation Time!


how was everyone’s day?

mine was pretty uneventful..and apparently i was so exhausted from my morning walk, trip to the nail salon and cheese shop, that I decided it was necessary to take an hour nap

being bored can really wipe you out let me tell ya

but anywho lets talk about food

wednesday my mom and i met up with my friend Molly at the mall for lunch at a Sushi place

we started with an order of vegetable tempura and pork dumplings


that crazy looking thang is a mushroom! how cool is that?!


then we ordered 3 rolls to share


they were all really delicious and unqiue! one was a sweet potato and cucumber (i think?) topped with mango, another was a tuna and fuji apple roll, and i kinda forget what the other one was but i know it had avocado and was topped with salmon

i hadn’t had sushi in SO long it was delicious!

the thing about eating sushi for me though is after i eat i’m  really full but an hour later i was starving! so i had some greek yogurt and a peach when we got home from doing some shopping after lunch 🙂

for dinner I was craving another ethnic cuisine i also hadn’t had in a while..Thai Food!


we ordered chicken yellow curry, a beef and pineapple dish, chicken fried rice, pad thai, chicken satay, and a side of brown rice

i loaded up my plate and went back for seconds! and had leftovers for lunch freaking good.

this morning my mom and I took the dogs for a walk at Wellesley college


duke carrying a large stick and my mom walking ahead

after the past 3 days of doing really challenging work outs I needed the day off so a nice 2.5 mile walk was perfect!

dinner tonight was simple


roasted broccoli, a sliced tomato with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper, and goat cheese, and a grilled Trader Joes salmon burger with some BBQ sauce for dipping

my brother told me the house smelled like poo from the roasted broccoli bahah. then i made him try a piece of it. I also fed a couple pieces to the dogs..and the result. Duke LOVES broccoli and Lucy wouldn’t eat it

duke was begging


i didn’t give him any it was allll mine 🙂


since i’m addicted to Twitter and Instagram I already know how the All-Around Individual Finals for Gymnastics turned out..but I won’t spoil it JUST in case you haven’t found out already

does anyone else get annoyed that they wait until the VERY END to show all the good stuff..why do I have to wait until 10pm to watch my favorite olympic sport?! ugh.

good thing I took that nap today so I think i’ll be able to stay awake

i’m so pathetic

I’ll be gone all weekend because I’m going to Newport, RI with my whole family! I’m so excited to eat lots of delicious food (note soft serve ice cream cones), get some beach time in, and most importantly spend quality time with my family

can’t wait!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Question for ya!: What do you prefer, Chinese, Japanese, or Thai Food?

thai food all the way for me! as much as I love sushi!


One Comment on “Sushi, Thai Food, and Vacation Time!”

  1. I looovveeee Thai Food. Japanese is a very close second.

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