25 things i’ve learned from waitressing

good evening!

last night was my last shift at the restaurant before I go back to school

I’ve been waitressing on and off for the past 2 years and working in restaurants for the past 3

in my opinion I think everyone should work in a restaurant at least once in their lives..it has taught me a lot

in light of my Sunday boredom I compiled a list of things I’ve learned and taken away from waitressing thus far

so here we go!

25 things I’ve learned from waitressing: 

1. patience is most definitely a virtue

2. kill people with kindness

3. learn when and when not to defend yourself and speak your mind

4. not to EVER bring cheerios to a restaurant to let my child snack on

5. also not to let my future little children run aimlessly around restaurants

6. when I’m on my feet for 7 hours my feet ache a..lot

7. there are really nice people in this world, and really not so nice people

8. people like to complain..about everything

9. always tip 20% even if the service wasn’t 100%

10. to not let little things get to me

11. managers can feel very entitled 

12. co-workers can be great friends

13. working makes me hangggry

14. sometimes white lies are appropriate

15. some people are just very..strange.

16. waiting on a “fun” table is actually enjoyable

17. having lots of cash is awesome yet dangerous..and can also make you look like a stripper depositing 35 1$ bills at the bank

18. i’ve learned to be an expert at rolling silverware..

19. seeing and delivering alcoholic beverages reallly makes me want one

20. sometimes after a long, hard shift all I want is a class of wine and some cereal

21. to not be afraid to ask for help when help is needed

22. if people leave a 10% tip when service has been flawless..they have clearly never worked in a restaurant 

23. respect the people you work with, and always offer to help

24. joke about tables to lighten frustration..just not in front of the table obviously 

25. referring back to number one..patience, patience, patience



Question for ya!: What is one thing you’ve learned from waitressing or any other job you’ve had?



7 Comments on “25 things i’ve learned from waitressing”

  1. EveryCraving says:

    Oh boy I can relate hahaha I especially agree that some some customers are flat out WEIRD

  2. I’ve never worked in a restaurant and give mad props to all who do. My sister does and it amazes me the stories I hear about people she has to handle sometimes.

    Although, I gotta say…I bet when the time for kids rolls around you will be eating your words on the Cheerios comment. They are the #1 weapon to sometimes KEEP kids from running around or screaming like crazy people. 😉

  3. Lol I love this! I’ve learned the same things. I’ve for sure killed people with kindness all.the.time. People who don’t tip good, just shouldn’t even go out to eat.

  4. FitNjess says:

    I had my first waitressing job about a year ago now which is crazy to think! I did like it, but it does teach you a lot..and it was so stressful for me! It was a bar and restaurant so not only did you have to worry about getting people their food and just dealing with weird people in general,but you had to serve alcohol as well!! haha, definitely a good experience though!

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