New favorite lunch + Pictures from Newport

good morning!

so  the past 2 days for lunch I’ve had the same thing and it could be my new favorite meal ever (as in I could eat it everyday and be perfectly happy)

I fried 2 eggs in coconut oil (I just take a basting brush and brush the pan with it so probably about 1 tsp of coconut oil) and then eat the fried eggs over leftover roasted veggies heated up topped with some avocado, goat cheese, and sirracha sauce

SO lunch ever. i wish i had more leftover roasted veggies because I would have the same thing today again!


yesterday afternoon my mom and I headed to Newport, RI to visit my Nanny one more time before I go back to school

in the afternoon I went out and had some fun taking pictures with my camera

(aka pretending to be a photographer when in reality I have no clue what i’m doing)

but here are some of the pictures I took!

she’s just so pretty

selfie on the golf cart


for dinner last night my mom and I made a Tuna Nicoise platter

my plate

you better believe i went back for seconds! the perfect summer meal!


we are having a small barbecue later with people from the gym my mom and I go to so I’m about to start cooking!

i hope everyone has a great day!



4 Comments on “New favorite lunch + Pictures from Newport”

  1. Both of those meals sound amazing! I’ve been using my coconut butter spread to cook eggs in. Somehow the eggs and coconut are perfect for each other. I need to put that shiii over roasted veggies, genius!

  2. justjac says:

    omgosh those pics are giving me a serious craving for a tuna nicoise salad…asap!!

    when do you go back to school? ps, I like your pictures, professional or not 🙂

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