HLS Part 2: Crossfit + Sessions!

so let’s see where we left off

if you missed part 1 here it is!

Saturday morning I woke up around 7am (SO early for me I’m such a baby with sleep lol) and drove over to the hotel for breakfast!

the breakfast was sponsored by Wild Harvest and everything was delicious..they had banana nut muffins and fresh fruit

mini yogurt parfaits with pomegrante granola..so good!

COFFEE i loved how the milk and sugar station was set up! they also had stevia as a sweetner option which was pretty exciting!

i had some potato pepper hash, a maple turkey sausage, and a greek inspired egg bake..everything was delicious!

after breakfast were opening announcements and then it was time for a mini Crossfit work out hosted by Reebok!

the crossfit trainers were very attractive which is always a plus 🙂 ..I tried taking a picture without being too sketchy so that’s why the picture is so blurry

me and my new friends Amy and Tracy before the work out!

the trainers taught us the proper way to do a squat and then we did a mini 5 minute AMRAP work out of 7 squats and 15 jumps (AMRAP just means as many reps as possible) ..it was only 5 minutes but it definitely got my heart rate up! and my quads are sore today from all those squats!

Brittany and I after the Crossfit work out!

after the work out we got a mini break and then began sessions!

the first session I went to was hosted by Gretchen 

I learned a lot from this session on how to improve my photos! it was such a helpful session for me

I went to 3 other sessions throughout the day that were all really helpful and taught me a lot about blogging!

we broke for lunch around 12 which was a delicious buffet spread!

I loaded up my plate!

a delicious salad with goat cheese!! (they must of known I was coming..:) ), a tomato and avocado salad which was SO good, chicken, and a lentil chili which reminded me of an indian dish I’ve had that was so delicious!

i went back for some more lentils

with a piece of pita bread for dipping

at lunch I got to talk with Courtney and Kelly, both of whom I had been dying to meet! ..they are both awesome down to earth people and I’m so happy I got to meet them

Kelly also gave me a fitfluential tank top which I was SO excited about since I’m a fitfluential ambassador!

i want to wear it every single day

in the afternoon there was a keynote speaker from Wild Harvest who gave us great tips on improving recipes to make them more reader friendly and accessible


overall I took so much more from HLS than I ever could of imagined. I really hope I get to go next year as well because its such an amazing group of women and I left feeling so inspired and motivated to keep blogging 

One important thing I took away from all the sessions I attended was to embrace the blogging community and to reach out to other bloggers as much as possible..it is such a supportive community and it is not about competition between blogs its about supporting everyone and meeting great friends along the way..or as they call them “blends” aka blogger friends 🙂

I don’t think blogging will be my life long passion although I admire those bloggers who are so passionate about it..but its something that I love to do and has really become a hobby for me

I’m such a people person and i loved finally being able to meet all the bloggers in real life who I felt like I already knew so much about from reading their blogs (sounds really creepy I know, but its so true!)

alright I wanted to take a break from packing to do the last part of my recap but I better get back to it

I still can’t believe i go back to school tomorrow..crazy how fast time goes by

I’ll report back when I’m in Delaware…eeek!



13 Comments on “HLS Part 2: Crossfit + Sessions!”

  1. So great meeting you this weekend chelcie! Have a great trip back to school! I look forward to keeping up with your blog now! I’m a fifluential ambassador too!! It was such a fun weekend and so happy we were able to connect!

  2. Glad to hear you had a great time! Love the Fitfluential tank, too! 🙂

  3. still jealous of your tank top! haha. Hope you don’t mind that I’m stealing that picture of the three of us!

    It was soooo nice meeting you this weekend. I seriously felt like I already knew you, though. I hope we keep in touch, and I’ll see you in November for an epic reunion. 🙂

  4. Soo so nice to meet you this weekend Chelcia… lovin the recaps thus far 🙂 Have a safe trip back home lady!

  5. FitNjess says:

    I love the fitfluential tees!! So nicce you had a great trip! Its awesome that the blogging community allows everyone to become friends and a support system!

  6. I’m seriously so glad we got to meet! You were one of the bloggers I just KNEW I would get along with immediately. I think that has definitely been the best part of blogging – the friends! 🙂

    • Yea I completely agree and I knew we would get along as well! I knew at first because we are both so obsessed with our dogs lol but turns out we have a lot more in common than just our crazy dog obsession!

  7. I had such a good time with you this weekend Chelcie! So sad it took so long for us to finally meet, but have the best time at school this semester – I can’t wait to read all about it! And when you’re back in town, text me 🙂

  8. Caroline says:

    Looks like you had a great time! I’ve always wanted to go to HLS, but always have a conflict. I’ve definitely come to realize how awesome the blogging community is

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