I won!!!

Last night the most exciting thing happened to me

I won my first blog giveaway!!

The lovely Courtney from The Granola Chronicles hosted a Love Grown Granola giveaway and out of 92 comments I WON

AHHH. I don’t think you understand how excited I am because I have literally never won anything in my LIFE. Not even the random pull out of a hat out of 20 kids in the class wins..NOTHING. I’ve also been wanting to try this granola for EVER..contemplated ordering some on Amazon..not even kidding. so YAY YAY YAY thanks again Courtney!

So back tracking to yesterday morning. Yesterday morning was one of those mornings where you wake up..and all you can think about is how badly you wish the bagel shop and starbucks delivered..but then about an hour later after chugging some water and advil you pull yourself together in a sweatshirt and leggings and make your way to both of these locations

Non-fat grande misto..magical

breakfast/lunch at 12:30

Whole wheat everything bagel scooped out and toasted with low fat chicken salad lettuce and tomato..WOOF say that ten times fast.

Oh and we also shared a side of french fries…YUP it was definitely one of those mornings

I don’t go to ndb (newark deli and bagel) nearly as often as the majority of my college does..but when I do it taste pretty freaking fantastic

And last night instead of going out again we took a late night trip to fro yo..YES

Banana and chocolate fro yo with strawberries, m and m’s, pb chips, dark chocolate chips, and white chocolate chips. ddeeeeelish

And TODAY is a very very special day! It’s my beautiful Nanny’s birthday! she’s turning 60 again!..:)

My Nanny is the best. She is so supportive of me and definitely accounts for half of the blog hits I get everyday:) She is always there for me and I look forward to our phone calls that we have every Sunday. Even though I’ll be calling her today AND tomorrow. I could not imagine my life without her. She is the funniest, most personable women you will ever meet. I am so lucky and fortunate to have her as my Nanny! I love you so much Nanny!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Question for ya!: What’s your favorite weekend breakfast?


WIAW-the good with the bad

Good Morning!

and happy WIAW! Head over to Peas and Crayons to check out all the other blogs!

So I’ve really wanted to get back on the “healthy eating bandwagon” and I’ve definitely been eating healthy for the most part, but yesterday’s eats were definitely more of a mix

Which is fine with me, because I’d rather not restrict myself and just eat everything in moderation

Starting out with breakfast!

I had a slice of this banana bread heated up in the toaster oven, with non-fat greek yogurt and blueberries topped with pumpkin butter. And of course I had a cup of coffee x2

so it was the healthy with the not so healthy

For lunch yesterday I went with my friends Eliza and Michelle to Sweet Tomatoes

And I forgot my camera of course, so I snapped a pic with my handy dandy Iphone

I ordered a slice (HUGE SLICE) of traditional and Eliza and I split a ceasar salad. Their pizza is so fresh and I love the thin crust! They use an oil free dough and chopped uncooked tomatoes in replacement for tomato sauce..I think this might be some of my favorite pizza ever!

Throughout the day I also snacked on this apple x2

And I had a handful of pretzel crisps from trader joes that I didn’t snap a picture of

For dinner my mom made a delicious turkey noodle soup! It tasted like thanksgiving in a bowl..yumm

I also had a lot of salad alongside

I filled up my salad plate after I finished this:)

After dinner  I was watching cupcake wars (even though I can’t stand the host guy!) and I got a strong craving for a cupcake..so I settled for some coffee ice cream with blueberries on top

My friend Sam taught me how to eat ice cream out of a mug, its the best way!

And yesterday I also did day one of the 30-day Body Rock challenge..I’m pretty sure I’m going to try to complete the challenge! But more on that later..

I hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya!: What is the best thing you’ve eaten recently?

Mine is definitely the piece of pizza from Sweet Tomatos!


Setting Goals for the New Year?

Happy New Years Eve!!

So guess what?

I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning! For the first time in about 2 weeks..exciting news right? i know.

I used 1/3 cup quick-cooking oats with 3/4 sliced banana, 2/3 cup water, and some cinnamon. Topped with almond butter, pumpkin butter, and bluebs..

This was tasty..but honestly I think I need a break from oats for a while..I kind of overdosed on them:/

So onto my Goals for 2012

It seems strange to me to think of setting goals for the new year because I’ve never done this before..maybe because I feel like its something adults do more than kids? But I am an adult now (turning 20 in april. WEIRD)..so I guess its appropriate to start?

I also feel like the college lifestyle is very carefree and in the moment..but nevertheless I’ve come up with a slightly random list to share!

  • train and run a half marathon

Honestly this one scares me a little..okay a LOT. I’m not a “runner” by any means..but I have enjoyed the past few 5k races I’ve ran and figure doing this is the perfect way to challenge myself! I’m thinking of a half marathon that happens on May 13th..So I probably won’t start actively training until April

  • read The New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women and actually complete the phases (along with measurements to keep track of progress)

I am really determined to do this once I go back to school! Especially since I have a few weeks before I start classes..I have no excuse not to try this out!

  • keep up with blogging..

Ever since starting the blog back in September, I have grown to really love it! I can think of so many things that I’ve started and not stuck with (piano, scrap-booking, drum lessons to name a few..) and I’m really proud of myself for sticking with this!

  • Find ways to promote the blog and start doing Giveaways!

While I mainly write this blog for myself, it is definitely readers that keep me going! So I want to start doing giveaways and hopefully grow my readership over the next year!


  • Test out and share lots of new recipes!

It is no secret that I love cooking, and I am eager to test out lots of new recipes to share with all of you! (I’m sure my roommates won’t mind this goal either)


So there you have it! I’m sure I could think of other things..but I think this list is a good start!

So my plan for the rest of the day is to


get my outfit in order for tonight

drink more coffee..I’m going to need it to make it tonight..I may or may not of fallen asleep at 10:30 last night.. WHO AM I?  I need to go back to school asap.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve!


Question for ya?!: Any good plans for NYE?


All I want for christmas is..COOKIE BUTTER


So I’m finally home! Yeaaa buddy (jersey shore..no? k..)

It took me 5 and a half hours with stopping! I was jammin out to Glee tunes the whole way obvvvssss

For breakfast I brought overnight oats in a jar with me!

I failed to take a picture of the oats..since driving and eating oats alone is awkward..but they were delishh. I ate half while driving, and half when I stopped to get more coffee..(DEFINITELY NEEDED)..I was on like..5 hours of sleep..I left at 6am to beat traffic..yea.

Once I got home, my mom had chicken noodle soup waiting for me! she’s the best:)


Then I crawled in to bed for a couple hours..planning on taking a nap..but since I’m incapable of napping (or so it feels like) I just watched some tv while duke kept me company:)


At first he was having some difficulty jumping up into my bed..not like he’s a fully grown golden retriever or anything..but after a few tries he made it up!

hes so handsome:)

After a little while I was bored, and decided I would make a trip to Trader Joes for something I’ve been DYING to try since I’ve seen it featured on so many other blogs!

holy. cow. ;LADKSDJF;A I can’t even express to you how good this is..I seriously had to refrain myself from eating the entire thing in one sitting!

I’m contemplating going back to trader joes and hoarding about 20 jars in my cart..the thing is I’m not really kidding.

My mom said we should give this as gifts to family members..umm YA WE SHOULD..after I get my 50 jars worth

I also got other goodies of coursee

I got the following

  • baby carrots
  • snap peas
  • think thin bars..I haven’t tried these yet but I’ve heard good things
  • string cheese
  • brie cheese (for my daddy-o)
  • hummus
  • quinoa
  • brown rice tortillas
  • greek yogurt
  • cottage cheese
  • honey goat cheese!!
  • butternut squash
  • lettuce
  • mini dark chocolate pb cups..cannot wait to try these!

Trader joes has SO many festive items right now! Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of the chocolate peppermint combination..(such a bummer right?! I feel like I’m seriously missing out)..but the cookie butter in itself is enough for me!

I made myself a little snack-y to prevent myself from eating the entire jar of cookie butter

Roasted garlic hummus..deeellishhhh

Sooo I still haven’t unpacked..

Yes my carpet is pink..yes it’s from when I was 3 years old..

I’m currently watching Ellen with my mommasita right next to our tree! I promised you guys a better picture!

So purttyyy

My mom is making dinner:) So I’ll be sure to share the goods with you tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a great day!


Question for ya!: HAVE YOU TRIED THE COOKIE BUTTER? yes all caps is necessary.


In the past 24 hours..

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA..its just exam studying is here to stay until thursday..fun right? NAHT

So here’s some of the exciting stuff (insert sarcasm) I’ve been up to in the past 24 hours or so..

I’ve studied..

cracks me up

Drank probably 6 cups of coffee


Made a batch of these cookies


Went to a fun christmas party I wish! Instead I’ve taken lots of cold and cough meds cause I’m sick..womp womp.


I’ve eaten a meals that look similar to these ones

Apple pie oats

Egg white veggie scrambles with a sweet potato and hummus


I went to a KILLER spin class ..sweat out all my stress!


I also discovered that one of the top searches for my blog is “dogs dressed up”..uhh? I know its not secret that I’m obsessed with dogs..but I’m pretty sure I haven’t put any pictures on here of dogs dressed up..well until now that is

You can totally judge me now

Time to go study the day away SAWWWEEEEEET

I hope everyone is having a better weekend then me:)


Questions for ya!: If you have a blog, what is one of the weirder things someone has searched to find your blog?

                               Have you baked any christmas cookies yet?!

Will run for bagel’s and ice coffee!

Hi everyone!

How was your weekend?

So last night I went to my semi formal like I told you, and managed to not take ONE PICTURE. How pathetic is that?! I’m waiting for people to upload pictures to facebook and then I can share a few:)

So this morning I woke up feeling not so great..but still managed to run a 5k with my friend Becki!

see how good I look? yup that’s pretty much how I felt..but we still managed to finish in 28 minutes! The race was to benefit the B+ Foundation..here is a brief bio taken form the websiteThe B+ Foundation is about kids helping kids fight cancer — by providing financial and emotional support to families of children with cancer, and by providing childhood cancer research grants.Source

During the race all I could think about was how badly I wanted an ice coffee and bagel..so afterwards me and Becki went to get the goods!

I got a Whole wheat everything bagel scooped out and toasted with low-fat veggie cream cheese and tomato! and ice coffee on the side..SO SO GOOD. There is nothing like a good bagel sometimes!

Backtracking a bit, here are some of my recent eats!

3 egg whites with spinach and goat cheese, with toast smeared with apple butter alongside

An apple and a Mama Pea Crack Wrap..its just hummus and a mozzarella cheese string inside a whole wheat tortilla and pressed on our mini george forman. Hummus and mozzarella cheese is an AMAZING combination! It is called the “crack wrap” for a reason!

Roasted zucchini and red onion with brown rice and goat cheese

Here is how I roasted the veggies!

I preheated the oven to 375 degrees F and chopped up 3 zucchini and 2 red onions. I tossed them with a tablespoon of olive oil, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.

Roasted for an hour in the oven, (I stirred them after 30 minutes)

And they come out beautiful and caramelized!

Me and molly polished off this entire tray..SO good! And if you have never combined roasted veggies with goat cheese you NEED to! It is seriously the best combination ever!

I am making an easy Spaghetti Squash recipe for dinner that I will share with you tomorrow!


Turkey Trot Recap

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today is the best day of the year in my opinion! (Well it could be tied with Christmas and homecoming)

This morning I was up BRIGHT and early to run a 5k Turkey Trot race!

It was a whopping 30 degrees out this morning..

This is a group shot taken before the race of me and my neighbors. I love how official I feel wearing a race number HAH

Just before we were about to start! My mom’s friend Ulrike is in the orange jacket! (And I’m reppin’ Delaware of course!) Side note some cute old man came up to me and told me his son graduated from Delaware 10 years ago and ended up majored in the same major as me!

In the beginning of the race I felt like we were going kind of slow due to the crowds, but after the first mile we slowly started to pick up the pace. There were a few hills on the course but nothing too bad.

We ended up finishing in just over 27 minutes! Which is the same time I finished last year

Crossing the finish line (the close up of my face kind of looks like I’m dying, but I felt a lot better then I looked apparently haha)

And refueling with an ice coffee after was 100% neccessary

I’m normally not a dunkin fan, but the coffee shop wasn’t open this morning so I had to settle.

Overall the race was a lot of fun, next up Alex and I are considering  training for a Half Marathon!

We’ll see how that goes…

I’ll probably post again later, but if not I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!

Question: Have you ever ran a Turkey trot race?