Workout Log

Monday: leg work out + zumba

Tuesday: Kickboxing class (1 hour)

Wednesday: Zumba (1 hour)

Thursday: active rest (jazz dance class)

friday: Zumba (1 hour)

Saturday: rest

Sunday:  weight jump rope circuit (tba)


One Comment on “Workout Log”

  1. Dad!! says:

    Hi Chelcie, I am so impressed by your workout except that I can’t believe you would do “rest” for Saturday. That should be the day of the big workout, the day that separates the “men from the boys” or in your case “the women from the girls”. Seriously, though, I am very impressed by not only your workouts but your blog as well. Look forward to following you for the rest of the semester and the rest of your college career. Oh yeh, one more thing. Looks like I will be in Cancun for your Spring Break so looking forward to hanging with you and your friends. First shots are on me!!!

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