Fun shopping the natural foods store

The sad truth…half of the reason why I’m excited to go home next weekend is to make a trip to Trader Joes and Whole Foods…can you believe the closest Trader Joes to is 23 miles away!..ya I google maped it..and may or may not of considered driving there to check it out..

Butttt I’m also SUPER excited to see these  monsters


and my favorite little lady

LUCY..I told her to smile for the camera and she listened. what a good little nugget

I miss them SOO much. I will be sure to take a LOT of pictures of them while I’m home. Oh and heres a picture from when Duke was a baby puppy


So back to my shopping trip..I went to Newark Natural Foods, which even though doesn’t come close to being as good as Trader Joes or Whole Foods, it is still very dangerous in terms of being costly! However I try to limit myself to only “necessities” HAH.

Here’s what I bought..

From Left to right: Vegan cream cheese (no I’m not vegan HELLO GOAT CHEESE), bamboo shoots (for a Mama Pea recipe I made tonight for dinner), canned pumpkin (to try in oatmeal so I can decide once and for all my feelings towards pumpkin), seaweed snacks (GROSS. YUCK…atleast that was my opinion on them), Mighty Maple Peanut Butter YUM, wheat crackers,mini ice cream sandwhiches, almond milk, whole wheat bagels, chocolate chips

and THIS

BANANAS FOSTER GROUND COFFEE. I almost died when I saw this..bananas foster is by far my FAVORITE dessert. I cannot wait to try this tomorrow morning…and drink the entire pot.

And I have yummy plans for breakfast tomorrow..what you don’t plan what your going to eat for breakfast in the morning? oh well this is awkward.

I’m watching Glee now while blogging, and then I have dance from 9-10:45!

Have a good night!

Oh and just ONE more picture


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